Bellman Outdoor - Co-Founder

“Marty and Amber knocked it out of the park for us. We tasked them with selling one of our prize billboard assets in the Northeast, and they managed to find the perfect buyer. A true win-win!”


4R Outdoor - President

“Once again, we’re very pleased with the outstanding support and experience from Mike and Williamson & Associates in representing RRRR Outdoor in this transaction. Mike and the team delivered at every step along the process. We have developed a deep portfolio of new locations on US 90, Escambia County, and throughout the Panhandle of Florida and southern Alabama. We’re excited to start working on the next build out phase with Williamson & Associates later this year.”

Doug Chapin

See Rock City - President & CEO

“Marty and Amber were great to work with. Our set of assets were unique in that they’d been primarily used for promoting our own business, not primarily sold as advertising space. They were able to convey to prospective buyers the value of these boards and tell our story, leading to a great outcome for everyone involved.”


Van Kirk Outdoor - Principal

“What excellent fortune I had to meet Marty and Amber at the Charlotte IBO conference in September 2022! Ever since they have proved to be an invaluable resource. They are both excellent communicators, did an enormous amount of research during the course of the sale, and overall have made me the beneficiary of their decades-long experience in outdoor advertising. Amidst all the pressures of making my first sale, they somehow made the process seamless. I look forward to continuing to work with them—as their advice has been crucial in my other acquisitions as well as managing my signs.”


P & E Outdoor Adv., Inc.

“On behalf of P & E Outdoor, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Mike Morrill with Williamson & Associates. It was a pleasure working with Mike through the process of selling our Louisiana inventory. Mike is a true professional and his experience in all aspects of the outdoor advertising business was helpful from due diligence to closing.”

Eric AxlEY

Media Display - Owner

“My experience with Williamson & Associates has been first class from start to finish. I have respect for the responsible and professional job my broker, Mike Morrill, did throughout the entire process of offering my billboard company to prospective buyers. Mike’s great communication skills consistently addressed and answered every question and concern I expressed. Mike’s anticipation and direction through the process was top notch. Every aspect and preparation of the sale to buyer went smoothly with his help and explanation of the what and whys. I was able to realize and achieve my goals with the assistance of Mike and Williamson & Associates. The brokerage fee paid at closing was worth every dollar. I have emerged from the whole process grateful.”

Matt Richman

Billboards for Education - President

“When you’ve worked years building up a billboard plant, the thought of selling is both exciting and scary. Marty and Amber helped me overcome my fears by patiently guiding me through the sales process, securing a great buyer, and helping me negotiate a fair price. The result was a fast and (relatively) stress-free sale of my billboard assets for a life-changing amount of money! Thanks Marty and Amber!”

Tom Meeks

Outdoor Communication Structures - COO

“It is with great personal and professional pleasure that I share my most positive thoughts about my experience working with Marty and Amber of Williamson & Associates to package and present Outdoor Communication Structures, Inc. billboard assets to the market place for purchase. Their service oriented attitude, professional approach, and sincere interest to represent our billboards to the market in the best possible way could not have been surpassed. Their absolute dedication during the entire process clearly delivered an excellent result for my company. Beyond that I also feel blessed for the personal relationship that I gained and that I will certainly continue.”

Travis Rhodes

Dusty's Outdoor Media - President

“Marty Williamson & Amber (Williamson) Galunas displayed instrumental professionalism, grit, and insider-knowledge when brokering our deal. Their demeanor and working style made them feel like partners we could trust through the process. We could close in earnest knowing that they were paying attention to even the smallest detail – from start to finish. We would recommend and vouch for you to trust Williamson & Associates if you are buying or selling your out of home assets.”

Jesse London

TierOne Media - President & CEO

“Putting a deal together to buy several different operators at the same time was like a three-ring circus. In ring #1 was a lion tamer, #2 was a high wire walker, and #3 was that motorcycle act where six guys zip around in a small cage ball. Every day was death defying and any mortal would have lost his cool – but not you. Marty, you are the Ringmaster.

First, you brought the acts to the tent in the first place, we had several good opportunities to work with. You possess a “been there” knowledge that only a former operator can bring and this gave you credibility from both sides of the deal. You kept in touch with the details, which proved to be so valuable in the home stretch. Most important; I enjoyed calling you even if there was nothing to discuss, because no matter how scary the deal became you were the voice of a calm confidence that kept everyone on task. You got it done Marty – it was the greatest show on earth.”

Paul D Fulwood, IV

BPS Outdoor - Co-Owner

“We told Marty on day one that we wouldn’t have an interest in selling unless the price was right.  His connections, knowledge, and experience in the billboard industry were a true asset in the process of getting us top dollar for our assets.  I highly recommend Marty Williamson to any plant owner who has even entertained the thought of divesting in Outdoor.”

Kerry Cox


“When Marty approached me inquiring if we would have an interest in selling CoxMedia, I said not really but if you find what you think is a good fit, contact me. Marty did not bug us needlessly and was patient in waiting and digging for that right fit. A few months later Marty called me to say “Kerry I have found the perfect fit for your company.” Marty worked with the buyer and myself to overcome all the obstacles that came our way; Covid 19, market sell off, business shutdowns, and more. In July 2020, we closed on the sale of our company to Trailhead Media. Thank you Marty for all of your hard work and finding ways to get things done. If you are considering selling your out of home assets, you need to contact Marty Williamson  at Williamson & Associates.”

Mitchell Hembree

Quality Outdoor Advertising - Owner

“After Marty Williamson helped me successfully sell one digital location that Quality owned outside of our primary service area in downtown Birmingham, we began to explore the idea of selling all of my company’s assets.  Though I had spoken to other brokers and directly with potential buyers, I felt that having Marty’s experience and knowledge would be the best way to go.  When we spent a day in the car riding my locations talking about my plant and the industry in general, it was clear to me that he understood the business from my position.  The fact that he had been a successful owner/operator and could really understand and appreciate what I had built up over the years made Williamson & Associates the clear choice to represent me.  Marty knew how to present my signs in the best way possible to potential buyers.  We had several offers and ended up with a great fit by going with Standard Outdoor – a company that I was not even aware of.  If you are an Independent thinking about selling your billboard assets I can absolutely recommend that you talk to Marty Williamson.”

Ike Wingate

Wingate MediaGroup, LLC - President

“I’ve done multiple deals with Marty on both sides of the transaction. I can tell you that, if at all possible, you want him in your corner. With his 30 plus years of experience, he always has a unique and helpful perspective on how to best achieve an expedient return on investment. I highly recommend Williamson & Associates “

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