Consulting Services

Our expanded consulting services encompass a spectrum of growth-focused solutions to help OOH Operators optimize value and plan for the future. Our team has over 110 years of combined experience along with a valuable network of industry specialists in place to assist you on your path to maximizing your company’s potential.

Value Optimization Audit

Our consultants use a groundbreaking audit system to identify gaps that impede growth and value potential in key areas of the business such as leasing, operations, business processes, sales, and more. This results in a comprehensive solution plan for the operator to activate in order to maximize value.


Transition Planning  

At some point in an operator’s journey, transition will occur. Whether due to divestiture, acquisition, or a next generation takeover, having a plan in place will allow for a smooth transition and realization of the company’s full value. We work with operators to identify their projected journey and develop the roadmap to success.

Lease Portfolio Optimization

One of the key value drivers for an OOH company is the stability of their lease portfolio and yet this is often the most neglected. During a divestiture, this is a highly important aspect of the business that buyers will analyze. Our team will evaluate and provide recommendations for value enhancement changes for the portfolio.

Strategic Growth Planning

Our consultants specialize in crafting sales strategy frameworks to fuel profitable revenue growth. Areas of focus include (but are not limited to) sales organization structure, go-to-market selling strategy, enhancing sales process, lead development, compensation planning, recruiting, onboarding and retention.

Process and Tech Optimization

Assistance with optimizing business operational efficiencies by introducing new technology, improving current technology utilization, refining operating processes, and standardizing workflows and tools across the entire organization ensuring technology, processes, and disciplines enable organizational efficiency.


Fractional Market Leadership

Opportunity to have a VP of Sales, Operations or Finance at a fraction of the cost. Pulling in a W&A consultant to serve in a fractional role on the leadership team will fuel growth without significantly increasing expenses and without a long-term commitment. Advisement may include (but not limited to) market leadership development, market expansion, rate & occupancy enhancement, sales strategy, refining product/service delivery, sales compensation, defining KPIs, recruitment and onboarding of new employees. Whether it is due to leadership transition or to support the team during an expansion, it is a great option for startup and high-growth operators.


Consulting Service Inquiries

Cynthia Beiler 
Managing Director of Consulting Services


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