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Out of Home Business Brokerage & Advisory Services

From Respected Outdoor Advertising Industry Professionals


Use extensive industry connections and relationships to find the best buyer or seller.

Assist with evaluating potential value of divesting company or target acquisition.

Manage negotiations, minimize potential issues and provide solutions.

Suggest target markets and acquisition opportunities.

Analyze potential upgrades and digital conversions.

Prepare descriptive confidential information memorandums.

Personally inspect your assets or target assets.

Marty and Amber of Williamson Associates

A father-daughter team perfectly positioned to assist outdoor advertising companies with acquisitions & divestitures


"We told Marty on day one that we wouldn’t have an interest in selling unless the price was right. His connections, knowledge, and experience in the billboard industry were a true asset in the process of getting us top dollar for our assets. I highly recommend Marty Williamson to any plant owner who has even entertained the thought of divesting in Outdoor."
Paul D Fulwood, IV
BPS Outdoor
"When Marty approached me inquiring if we would have an interest in selling CoxMedia, I said not really but if you find what you think is a good fit, contact me. Marty did not bug us needlessly and was patient in waiting and digging for that right fit. A few months later Marty called me to say “Kerry I have found the perfect fit for your company.” Marty worked with the buyer and myself to overcome all the obstacles that came our way; Covid 19, market sell off, business shutdowns, and more. In July 2020, we closed on the sale of our company to Trailhead Media. Thank you Marty for all of your hard work and finding ways to get things done. If you are considering selling your out of home assets, you need to contact Marty Williamson at Williamson & Associates."
Kerry Cox
"I wanted to let you know how much Faye and I appreciate everything you did to help us find a buyer and to guide us through the entire process. Your experience and knowledge made a big difference – allowing things to move smoothly and eliminating stress for us. Your relationships with potential buyers were things we simply didn’t have. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, Marty!"
John Leslie
Leslie Outdoor Advertising
"After Marty Williamson helped me successfully sell one digital location that Quality owned outside of our primary service area in downtown Birmingham, we began to explore the idea of selling all of my company’s assets. Though I had spoken to other brokers and directly with potential buyers, I felt that having Marty’s experience and knowledge would be the best way to go. When we spent a day in the car riding my locations talking about my plant and the industry in general, it was clear to me that he understood the business from my position. The fact that he had been a successful owner/operator and could really understand and appreciate what I had built up over the years made Williamson & Associates the clear choice to represent me. Marty knew how to present my signs in the best way possible to potential buyers. We had several offers and ended up with a great fit by going with Standard Outdoor – a company that I was not even aware of. If you are an Independent thinking about selling your billboard assets I can absolutely recommend that you talk to Marty Williamson."
Mitchell Hembree
Quality Outdoor Advertising
"I've done multiple deals with Marty on both sides of the transaction. I can tell you that, if at all possible, you want him in your corner. With his 30 plus years of experience, he always has a unique and helpful perspective on how to best achieve an expedient return on investment. I highly recommend Williamson & Associates "
Ike Wingate
Wingate MediaGroup, LLC
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